Saturday, January 19, 2008

We LOVE the bath!!!

This little munchkin LOVES his time in the bath! Sometimes he gets SO excited that he can't stand it!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


There are numerous products my Nani and Grandpa invented and SHOULD'VE marketed.

Here's another:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome Home!

Well, we officially put an offer in on a new home earlier today! I'm still waiting for something to not work out, but I'm trying to be positive! We went over to take measurements and lots of pictures!
It's at the bottom of this street.

Beach front property LOL
Here is McH in the front carrying Mumble.
This is the garage (one car).
This will be the kitchen, looking out into the garage.
Mumble "helping" daddy measure!
I'm standing down the hill, looking up at the back of the house. They'll be leveling it off a bit before it's sodded and then fenced (6' wood privacy fence).
And this is looking directly at the back of the yard from the house. The land behind the house is private property and the builder was informed that it will not be sold or built on for a VERY long time (we're assuming they tried to buy it).
Do you like it Mumble? ... ummmmm ....
YES!!! YAY!!
Happy little family!

Videos for the fam

There are going to be a TON of videos so I'm hoping it doesn't slow things down!

First Steps:

It's strange to see these again; seems like so long ago! He took his very first step on his 11 month birthday, and then nothing. Until his first birthday when he did it again LOL Between then and Christmas he'd occasionally take a step or two, but then, all of a sudden he just turned around and walked to his toy basket. It started out as a few steps, but the next day he was pretty much walking as far as he wanted to. He'd fall once in a while, but it was pretty quick that he became steady! And now he's our walking fool!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trip to cold AZ

Just wanted to add a few of our pictures. I'm having trouble getting them onto a cd, so I don't know how much I'll have to post after we get home.

Very first haircut!! What a trooper!

Mumble started walking ... now he won't stop!!!!
A fun day at the park with daddy ... who knew it would be so COLD here?!
Best buds
Christmas morning ... do you see where he's standing?!
One of Mumbles favorite friends ... did you know donkeys say, "Grrrr"? No, I didn't either.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

In Tribute

January 2006 - January 2008
Tonight we got a very sad phone call. Our youngest dog was hit by a car. We are praying that it was quick and that he didn't feel anything. We are also praying that his brother is doing okay. We're heading back home on Tuesday ... with saddened hearts.
He was a naughty boy, but a sweet boy. He loved to run, which ultimately was his downfall. We will miss him so much and hope that he is somewhere with lots of room for him to run and hunt bugs.

Tally helping out while we cleaned up.
Taking a "cat" nap on a couch he wasn't supposed to be on!

Two peas in a pod.

Watching over the newest addition ... we hope he continues that.

We will miss you.