Sunday, September 18, 2011

Country Girl

Some might read this and think Texas rubbed off on me, but the reality is that while I grew up in a decent sized city, the country was just down the road.  In fact, even in our city yard, we had a pretty big garden filled with veggies we ate throughout the summer and even into winter.  I can remember when we "tried out" having a garden.  We rented a plot (okay, I was like, maybe 10, so the whole logistics of it are a mystery to me!) in a farmer's field and grew corn, lots of corn.  There were other veggies too, I just don't remember.  I can still picture stopping alongside the road to weed and otherwise check on our garden.  I even remember the first time I checked an ear of corn and found worms ... yuck!  But, such a memory!

The idea of living out in the country has always been in my mind.  Fixing food from our garden and using fresh herbs from the windowsill brings a smile to my face (trust me, I'm not thinking about the weeding!).  McH grew up with farm animals and I know he misses that.  So, when we started looking for a place to rent, we were very excited to see that we had some options that were not only out in the country with room for gardens, but also properties that would allow for animals, maybe someday even horses!

We knew that living here wouldn't be a forever thing and even if we don't move in December (in time for the Spring semester), we will eventually move.  We have crunched numbers, searched for the perfect towns, dreamed of country life and ultimately decided that we are going to just have faith.  Faith that this lifestyle that seems so beautiful can be ours.  Maybe not forever ... or ... maybe forever!  We don't know, but hopefully this Christmas we'll have snow and in the summer we'll have veggies!