Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom's day and Home schooling update

Hi all, what busy-ness we've had around here!  I had a great time for Mom's day, my sweet and thoughtful hubs and kiddo bought me a new bathing suit, cover-up and a box of amazing chocolates.  They also had gone that morning to Lowes and made me an adorable flower vase with a heart chalkboard on it.  I can't believe what a lucky girl I am!!

NaniRose cuddling up Jazzy after a swim.

The youngest moms playing with the kids (me and Tia).  Notice what the dads are doing in the background??

Bug with his "planets".

Homeschooling this week was fantastic!  We learned about habitats, specifically the desert.  He did really great and I was so impressed when he told NaniRose what habitat means!  We also did some gardening and, apparently, some crossword puzzles! ;)

Replanting our tomatoes.


So smart, he's learned to do the crossword in the Newspaper!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Be Jealous.

While McH finishes up a Geography exam, I thought I'd post a few swimming pics.  Our little man swam all by himself on Friday.  We haven't swam all weekend because it's been windy, but one of these days we'll be back at it!  I couldn't believe he did it!  It was like walking ... we knew he could do it for a while, but he just needed time to gather his confidence.  And, when he was ready he didn't want to stop!

Anyway, I know my northern friends are jealous, but don't be!  In a couple of months it will be hotter than you know what!  No one will be jealous then!

This is bug showing off how he can put his head underwater.  Now, please tell me why he fights me pouring water on his head when I wash his hair!!

My beautiful water baby.

 My two most handsome men.  Love those two!

And ... just one of the many, many amazing sunsets.  Every night someone yells, "Wow, what a sunset".

On the precipice of Wk 2

It's Sunday here in the AZ (well, pretty much everywhere hee hee) and I've spent most of the day going over last week; how it went, how I'd planned it to go and what could or couldn't have been different.  One thing I realized was just how wonderful the flexibility is.  I knew that I was planning and expecting in a very rigid way, however, that is just me and how I am.  I fully expected and intended that every plan, thought and list would be changed.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, Monkey goes to my cousin's for a few hours.  Right now it's in the morning which isn't the best for us, so I'm sure (as it was last week) it'll be a hit or miss sort of event.  But, when he does go, he has a bunch of fun with his cousin's and the other little's that she takes care of.

Last Thursday it was just not happening.  He went to bed late and I found myself stressing out about him getting enough sleep and whether or not to wake him in time or let him sleep.  And then it occurred to me.  Keep him home!  He doesn't have to go.  My mom's not working anymore so if I really need some time to myself I can get it.  On Monday we tried out the schedule.  It worked fairly well, but when Wednesday rolled around, we all felt like going to a movie.  We saw Rio and had a blast! While the schedule was gone, we still fit some lessons in and it solidified for me the idea that we can learn and still fly by the seat of our pants (not my favorite thing!).

This coming week we'll be finishing up our Alphabet book in a quasi-lapbook format.  Looking good so far!  He's also really into mazes, so I printed off a few more for him, along with more letter recognition worksheets.  I want to make sure he's recognizing all of the letters.  We've started BOB books and, while he is ABLE to read them, he is lacking the confidence.  I'll probably pull Mat out once on Monday and see if he still freaks out.

So, we'll see where we are next week! :)