Friday, April 10, 2009

Too funny - urban dictionary

I found this and was cracking up ... probably long and nothing to do with Monkey, but here ya go.

--Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.--Post the definition it gives you.
--Only do this is you are not offended by swearing and such...urban dictionary has lots of it...

1. Name: Amy
  • to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.
  • she is one fine mean looking girl. Though she is normally horny and likes to bash people during sex.
    "how was the girl last night?" "she was good a bit of an amy though" "i can tell from the bruises"
  • A person who laughs at everthing, this includes people falling of chairs. Part of a "girl" group.
    Falling of a chair during music lessons. Painful for the victim but not for Amy

2. Age: 33

  • A code-word for weed that can be used anywhere without anyone knowing what you're actually talking about. It's an evolution of the 1337 spelling for weed - 'w33d' The 33 was then taken from the middle of the word and is used on its own.A code-word for weed that can be used anywhere without anyone knowing what you're actually talking about. It's an evolution of the 1337 spelling for weed - 'w33d' The 33 was then taken from the middle of the word and is used on its own.

3. One of your friends: Ben (had to get his name in here!)

  • A £10 bag of weed. Used throughout england! (Looks like we're potheads lol)
  • The awesomest
  • Probably the most awesome person ever, and every girl thinks he is sexy. Is good at many things, and very original. Not a poser in any way shape or form.

4. What are you doing?: cleaning ... well, I was before this popped up!

  • v) The act of shoving everything in a closet and calling it decent.
  • Haveing fun with ur partner in a sexual manner. (I wish ...)

5. Favorite color: Green

  • yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and also, upon occassion, any substance with similar uses. (yikes ... this is making me nervous)

6. Birthplace: Kenosha

  • ((I had to edit some of this out ... it was the only entry, obviously from someone bitter about Kenosha LOL)) 4th largest (to be the 3rd largest) city in Wisconsin. In Kenosha, you will find a bar on every corner. You will find asshole drivers (Some of them from Illinois) who WILL drive and WILL push their way through wheather you like it or not. What's there to do in Kenosha? Drink beer at one of the corner bars. Outlet Shopping (Like outlet malls and stuff, go to Kenosha) Other recreation includes shoplifting from ShopKo and other department stores, fighting, and smoking weed. Thats really about it. People who live in Kenosha often nickname it "Kenowhere" or "K-Town"

7. Birthmonth: November

  • The month in which the most babies are born. And which, by chance, is exactly nine months after February.

8. Last person you spoke to: Terri

  • the cutest hunny bunny you will ever meet

9. One of your nicknames: cushy

  • comfortable, touchable, fun to cuddle with

10. Kind of car you drive: Chrysler Pacifica

  • pimp sleigh

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sleeping, Bloomin' Fest, and Sprinkler Time!

Wow, it's been a CRAZY week! Monkey has moved into his big boy bed, for real! He's been sleeping fantastic, despite being sick. Wish I could say the same for myself!

Here is a funny set of pics. I've been putting Vics on his chest with a warm towel before bed.

Today we went over to Lampasas (about 15 miles away) for their annual Bloomin' Fest. It was a little lame (lol), but we had a good time and the weather was FANTASTIC! Something we can't say very often here! We walked around for a bit, but you know how expensive all those outdoor vendor food places can be (and this stuff didn't look near worth it), so we checked out this shop that had a sandwhich place in the back. Very yummy :)
Monkey saying "cheeeeese". Make note of both the cup and doll ... neither are very far away at any given moment!

Mommy and me!

They had a big slide too ... too bad the dumb lady was blocking my way so I couldn't get him sliding down ... you can see how expensive it was LOL

After we left the Bloomin' Fest, we headed over to DQ for an ice cream. Someone really likes ice cream!

The day was so nice that we decided to set up our new fun sprinkler. Note the sunglasses ... not covering his eyes, but holding back his hair!

He had a ball picking it up and trying to spray me ... we were in the front yard because the back has a lot more dirt which quickly turns to mud. I'm sure our neighbors were either laughing or cringing at me running around screaming LOL Oh, also, if you can see his chest he has a "boo boo" ... not a real one, but I have to give him a "D-d-d-d-dora boo boo" daily (Dora bandaid ... no, he isn't stuttering, he's singing the theme song lol)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


A few videos for the fam!
I think this was Blue's Clues ... dancing ... funny.

One of his new friends will sing Dora's theme song and I guess he caught on!

Finally, for Tia! Monkey learned one of her tricks!