Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was on the phone with my mom and Monkey was pulling the blankets and pillows. I had NO idea what he was doing until all of a sudden he did ...

My tiny ... falling ... dancer.


It's always random when I wait so long to update! Potty training is in full swing and he's doing fantastic! I still have to ask him, but he's pretty good at going on his own! So, diapers are gone except during nap and night time.

Monkey? Yes mama?

How do you like going on the big potty?

We had some very windy, rainy weather last week. Monkey had to hold on tight so he didn't blow away!

Today I really tackled cleaning, but was sidetracked into legos and blocks :)

I got a video on my phone while he was singing and dancing in the car. For some reason, it disappeared :( I tried with my camera and he'd dance, but no singing.