Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okay, another one! We hit Olive Garden before we went to the museum. Service sucked awful. However, the salad and gnochi soup were obviously quite good. Cissy might not have known how good they were for herself, though!

Gnocchi soup ... ooooooooo ... lovin' it!

Oh, wondering why the Monkey is nekkid (well, shirtless)? He dumped juice down his shirt in the car which required a trip to Target because I couldn't get the shirt cleaned ... my grandmother I am not!

Children's Museum

Two posts tonight, but I needed to get them up, so make sure you see our lego pics!!

We had SUCH a fun time with Cissy. Monkey is doing fabulous and it's so amazing to see how much he's growing and learning. Yes, he still asks, "where Cissy go?", but today he actually answered himself and replied right away, "at Papa's house". It's so cool to watch him and see that he actually "gets" that Cissy didn't disappear, but that she went home.

This little room is SO fun! It's about the native people from this area and they have these cool drums and little robes. We love it!

THIS was hysterical! He was listening for the ocean!

More tomorrow!

Nani Noo Noo gift!

Nani Rose is always real good to us! I forgot to take a picture of the Dora blanket, but I will do so tomorrow, along with the Dora towel.

But, she also got Monkey a bunch of those chunky legos. We heart chunky legos!

Especially since they don't hurt when your two year old flings his arm around to knock them flying!! YAY!

And, as promised ... more socks pictures. :) Stylin' hardcore.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Temper, leg warmers, heels and food

Monkey is very into socks lately ... namely MY socks. There will be more coming, I'm sure, but here are a few of his "leg warmers". I can't remember why at the moment, but he was throwing a tantrum.

The tantrum wasn't hard to keep up with Dora on tv.

Cissy brought a pair of my shoes that I'd left in AZ. Seems Monkey also enjoys wearing mommy's shoes ... make sure to check out the hi-frickin-larious vid!

Monkey loves getting a ride at Walmart!

Tonight we went for dinner at Cracker Barrell. Monkey had a delicious meal of mac 'n cheese. After he finished it, he decided that Cissy's dinner looked pretty good.

We also had a really fab dessert.
But, these two obviously thought the other had something better.

I love ... LOVE watching these two together. I have the chance to see my son through a different set of eyes and I see my mom through his. My life would be perfect if McH were home.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back with a vengence! We have nice weather for about five minutes a year here in good 'ole Texas. The mornings aren't too bad, but it's been super muggy after about 11a. Yuck. Here's monkey finally wearing the sunglasses I bought him 2 years ago. We were playing out in the back ... he was having a blast until the ants found him ... ugh.

And, the glasses are gone. I'm bummed this came out a little blurry. Looks like he's wandering a jungle!

And ... my nosey nelly! Part of the fence was rotted, so for a few months he's been able to see pretty clearly into our neighbors backyard and probably wondering why they have a lovely manicured lawn and he gets the jungle!

We also made our first trek to Chuck E. Cheese since he's been old enough to get it. I couldn't believe how these two played ... first of all, she's a year younger, though you'd never know it by size! Second, she's a brawler and my little guy is a lover. But, they had a good time together until his other girlfriend grabbed his attention!


This is the true love of his life ... well, after mommy, daddy and Cissy. Depending on the day, she's first and sometimes the other grandparents and friends are on his list!

If Daddy is accurate at 300 meters, than he's sure going to match that!

These two are so cute. She typically ignores him for the first hour, but after that she's practically ... well, actually literally dragging him around by whatever part of him she's able to grab and hold on to. Girl knows what she wants!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Been a long time blogger friends!

There has been a good reason for my absence! Someone, I won't name names, took off with my memory card for the camera and lost it! I'm painfully (ha ha) aware that my blog is routinely checked not for my witty reparte, but for my photography subject.

Today Monkey is coloring, mama is writing and later we will probably be pulling some weeds out in the yard.

Six days and counting until Abuelita is here!! YAY!!!