Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last weekend we went to see Nana and Papa and they were having a little ... fair, I guess. They had a tractor pull and they also had a kiddie ferris wheel. At first I was dead set against it, but Mumble's cousin, Cheeks (it was her Grandma running it) was having a ball, so I decided it was okay, especially since I knew that Cheeks' Grandma would stop it if Mumble was freakin'. So, he went on with Nana ... however, Nana is petrified of heights and they only made it around once before she bolted! Mumble decided he wasn't done and daddy went on with him. Yay!

The kids were loving the tractors. Nana helping Mumble up.

Mumble and Cheeks

Mumble was NOT letting go!!

Finally daddy had to get him down!

I tried to tell the guy we'd have a hard time making sure he got his tractor back!

Getting comfy!

Cheeks got her turn too!

Squeezing the two of them together! What cuties! Hard to believe she's only 16 months older than him!

And ... home. We put on a cute little, (slightly hickish after our weekend, maybe?!) pair of overalls. Mumble figured out how to get the arms down ... I have no clue how, they were tight! McH yelled for me to get the camera and this is what greeted me!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a few things

Well, we've had a fun week-ish! Last Friday Nana and Papa came down and helped us install our garage door opener ... it took FOREVER! But, we are loving it! On Saturday, we headed to Temple for the Bloomin' Fest. We expected a lot more flowers and things, but we still had fun. The best parts were grabbing some food and sitting down to listen to some music. Mumble loved his fruit cup! The second thing was the petting zoo. They had goats, deer and a couple of kangaroo! Mumble and daddy went in while mommy stayed back with the stroller and watched ... took pictures? Woops, forgot the camera!!! Yikes! But the boys had a blast and Mumble, of course, loved all the animals!

Daddy headed out to the show me state for training this week, so Mumble and I have been chillin'! I've been trying to catch up on housework and we had our new fridge delivered today. Mumble was being his goofy self and I caught some giggles!

Our nice delivery guys helped out this next video. One left and the other stayed to get my signature on a few things and then we got to talking about Mumble's adoption. I saw my little guy head down the hallway and assumed (I know, I know) that he was in his playroom. After a couple of minutes I thought I should check on him and lo and behold, the front door was open!! My monkey had escaped! The first guy had left the door open! Bad! So, Mumble headed to the place mommy NEVER lets him go ... next door! They've started construction, so he never gets to go over there anymore. Mean-o mom since there is so much stuff to play with! Like ... mud!!!

So, he got a little bath! I let him play in it while I continued chatting with our delivery friend. There was NO way I was heading into the mud to get him though. So, how to bring him back? With a little sprinkler action, of course!

Well, that's all from here tonight. I had the chance to chat with T today ... fun!!! And, I got to see a picture of the VERY hot NeeNee too!! Body of Life, here I come!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Cissy asked if Mumble still likes Mickey ...

Also, I thought he was actually saying Mickey "ma ma", but now I'm thinking he's actually saying mine. Where on earth did he learn that word from?!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Still catching up and yesterday

Well, here we are with some pics since we've moved in to our new house! We are loving it, however, not as much as Mumble is loving the yard. Have I mentioned that before?! Here he is climbing on a box ... it's our dining room window and just to the right of those boxes is our kitchen.

He's an absolute little daredevil! He thought it was pretty funny that he could see Aries out the window!

Here is McH getting his Class A's ready for a funeral. And, that is Cissy right behind him marveling at all the work that goes into getting his medals on correctly.

Here's the little cutie on a Dino ride ... when? I have no clue LOL
Sad day :( Cissy and Grandpa were leaving, so we got a couple of pictures ... why do we always forget until the last minute?! The window you can see is where Mumble's playroom is (hopefully his bedroom one day?!).

Here's grandpa and his favorite Mumble having a quick chat.
Here are my boys spending some quality time on their respective laptops!

Here are a few pictures of my guys out on the new toy! It's a lot of fun and I think Mumble is ready to be big enough to have his own! He loves it when daddy drives around the street and especially when he turns it on or revs the engine!!
He's so funny! He liked it best when he could kick his feet up!

Now, this is from yesterday. As you can see, the slide is off the playset ... because, as I said before, my little man is a daredevil. He learned to climb up the ladder, but he kept trying to stand up and I was worried he'd fall off backwards. So, daddy took it off. Mumble doesn't find it quite as fun, but he still trys! His new favorite word is "bird" and he loves it when he sees one so he can say it a million times! I think, "mon mon" is in this one too ... his new favorite toy, Mickey Mouse. He LOVES this guy!

Here's another couple of pics from lunch yesterday. Daddy stopped home while Mumble was eating and OMG was he having a good time! He loves to dip things and sometimes, the "things" he's dipping are his own fingers ... or, even his nose!

And, finally ... the mickey picture! Sorry it's not the greatest quality, but I was NOT going to risk waking him up with the flash!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back again for more!

I'm really going to try and blog more frequently so that I can load pictures and still have time to actually write more about them! So, here we go!

What is daddy doing?!

And ... what is Mumble doing?! He's actually dancing ... in our messy house (while we were packing, excuse the MESS!)

McH in his Class A's ... HOT!

Mommy trying to get kisses ... only getting ojitos ... I have no clue how to spell that!

My boys at the park. Mumble in his sweet ride with his strong daddy pulling him along.

The boys on the swing ... nice tummy!

Mumble at this very fun indoor inflatable park. I'm not sure what he's trying to do here, but that little girl had been stealing that ball from him!

Well, that's it for now. McH has to go in to work in the middle of the night AND has a PT test in the morning, so he's out on the couch for the night ... he says it's because I'm mad at him, but it's really because he thinks it'll be easier to get out of here in the next couple hours. Poor McH.

I have more pics for tomorrow, all from the new house! YAY!