Saturday, June 21, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday


An oldie, but, I think, a goodie!

I know, it's Saturday. Gimme a break, it's my first!! And, I know (think) that you're supposed to do this with a group ... or something. But, I'll figure that out another day!

We have enjoyed our first of three-ish weeks in Arizona. It's HOT, but that's why you have pools! It doesn't stop the seatbealt latch from singing your skin off when you try to buckle-up, but the pool does keep your skin from slowly, but surely melting away!

Mumble is having a great time eating up all the attention. He gets a little frustrated when we adults try to have a conversation that doesn't revolve around his cuteness, but I think he shall survive! He's also having fun playing with his little cousin, Soy-bean. I have some pictures. I have not uploaded them as of this printing. So, they will come on another day!

And a couple of my two favorite boys. We're missing daddy badly!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It is still amazing to me being a mother. Once in a while something happens that blows me away.

A block. It's blue and has bells inside it. It has pictures on each of the four sides. It is also one in a set of four blocks; a green block that has a frog on it and vibrates when you pull it's tail; a yellow one with a duck on it that quacks when you squeeze it; and a red one ... I can't remember what the red one does. I bought them at Wal-mart and at Wal-mart the blue block nearly ended it's life with us.

This year we have had some wind. And by wind I mean W I N D, maybe even W I N D. Now, if you have ever taken an 18 month old child to Wal-mart who is teething 4 (I'm told they're stomach teeth) new teeth, thinks he's in the terrible twos and is hungry, then you can relate. (If you have more than one child, don't even tell me because I can't even wrap my head around that and I think smoke may actually begin spewing out of my ears if I try.) Once again, I digress. So, I was attempting to get my darling son into the car and had the hatch up. This lovely (read: not very helpful) man said, "ma'am, is that blue thing yours?" and I saw it. The blue block rolling as fast as a little blue block can roll down the parking lot.

By the time my charming (screaming ... I need to figure out that cross-out thing) son was tucked into his car seat and I was tucked into my carseat, the blue block was no longer in sight. In fact, it was only in seat for a brief moment. I drove up and down the aisle as slow as I could without racking up too many "birds", before heading into a little strip mall parking lot (across from the Wal-mart and between W and the highway). I continued to look without luck and decided that the blue block had moved on to a new family. Slowly leaving the parking lot and heading away from the highway, something caught my eye. The blue block! (Cue angel music, which gradually evolves into the dramatic, something-bad/dangerous/evil-is-about-to-happen music.)

I saw it, but the where of the blue block was the problem. It was in the turning lane from the highway into the Wal-mart parking lot. Not normally a problem, however, that darn WIND was still blowing along with the ferocity of a cornered ... something or other. I parked, left the air on and a door open and ran. I ran for all I was worth, hoping to get the blue block, looking over my shoulder to make sure that no one was taking off in my car with my now quiet monkey.

I GOT IT! Phew! And, when I opened his door and showed him the block while panting and sweating and nearly flying away he looked at me. He looked at the blue block (did I mention he hadn't looked at the blue block in months?). He laughed. He smiled. He looked at me like I was Superwoman.

Some people save lives. I save blue blocks. I may need a uniform.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mommy's first haircut

Inspired by a friend, I gave it a shot.

He's now in the tub (no worries, I can hear that child splashing and talking!), however, the highchair and floor are another story.




A couple more Afters ... not the best light!

Pass the duct tape, please.

PLEASE! I was coming home from the store and suddenly I heard wind. The windows HAD been locked, but somehow they got unlocked ... possibly the same way someone else got unlocked from his carseat to reach the button for the window.

This is what I saw when I looked back. Don't worry, the pictures were taken after we'd stopped. Oh, and I had to do this same thing yesterday, just didn't have a place to pull over so I had to do it at a stoplight. Now that was fun.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Howdy folks! You may have noticed that the name of our blog has changed. I've decided to move my own personal blog to another location and keep this one just for family things/pics/vids. So ... I need a catchy name for our family blog ... any ideas??? If you'd like to read my personal blog, you can find it here.

Here are some videos of our FUN pool time!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A cool site

There is this great site for moms called the mom blogs (have a look at my righthand sidebar for the link). They've recently launched a new site called It's different. Not really a place to chat, but you can get things off your chest anonymously which is ... different. I'm a pretty open kind of person, but it's still kinda fun!

Go check it out!