Monday, March 31, 2008

Long awaited!!!

I can't get any of our pictures to load onto the computer, so just videos tonight. I'm sure that the family won't mind! This first one was soon after we moved into the new house. Mumble absolutely loves running around especially if Aries will run around with him. Most people know that we were concerned with how Aries would handle Mumble walking and he's done really well. He's better with him outside, but I think that's because he can get away if he really wants to.

We always talk about Mumble being a soccer player ... maybe he'll be a "sweeper"?! lol

Yes ... it's brand new and completely unsoiled by dirty toilets! lol

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new mission in life ...

So, I decided that since I've become so addicted to a couple of realty shows that I'd share it with my blogging family.

I unfortunately missed my opportunity to blog after AI's Tuesday show. However, I'm still going to ... LOL

Top 10. I have to say that I wanted to like Amanda Overmeyer, but not only was she singing the same song over and over, just with different words and tune, she also lost me when she said ballads were boring. No, darlin', you have become boring. And so she was voted off the island.

Kristy Lee Cook. What did she say last week? Last man standing? She saved herself by a very thin thread only because she sang that song. Simon was exactly right ... a genius song choice. But, it's only a matter of time. It isn't that I don't like her. Her voice isn't bad, it's definitely better than average, but her country twang is pretty hoaky and if she could find the pitch, that would be nice.

Chikeze ... so, he went on his way home too. I knew he'd be a possibility. He's really good, though. But, I think everyone else (other than Miss Cook) are also really good, so now the "really good" people will start going.

My favorites. I think the guys have more favorites for me than the girls. My very top is probably Jason. He doesn't have the best vocals out of the contestants, however, there is just something I love about him. So, when he gets a deal, I'll be buying his CD.

Michael. For sure will buy his cd.

David Cook. Seriously, I really think he's brilliant. Who would ever think about changing those songs the way he has? Right now I peg him for the winner. But, I'm betting that it's either him, Michael or Carly.

Not a favorite, but I know that David Archuleta is (was?) a favorite of lots of others. Okay, he's good ... really good. But, could he sing a song that's different? Maybe a fun one? Yes, Imagine was amazing. But, this is American Idol, not American philanthropist!! However, how ironic would (will?) it be when he gets a deal and we start seeing him on the cover of US Weekly with the headline of "American Idol enters rehab ... again"?!

On to the girls. Syesha ... another good one, but I think she's boring. I was a fan of Whitney Houston, but she's old; long gone ... and a train wreck to boot! So, I like her voice, but it's boring to me.

Brooke. I do really like her ... I don't know if she's the best, but I think I'd consider buying her cd.

Carly ... is she the best? mmm ... still not sure and I don't know if I'd buy her cd, but I'd maybe watch her video.

Oh, forgot Ramiele ... another person with a good voice. But, still nothing real exciting.

I think that the guys are just more interesting. Maybe that's why I really wanted to like Amanda Overmeyer. Too bad.