Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dish pan hands


I know, I'm terrible about updating, but, well, things have been crazy!

So, Monkey realized his love of doing dishes. I promise you I am looking forward to the day he can actually clean the dishes (and am not so delusional that I think he'll still like doing it!). Maybe he'll take after Nani and love dishwashing ... maybe.

Here he is at Nani's lovely casita.

It started just with washing his hands, then escalated into full-blown, use the scrubber, dishwashing.

Don't forget to rinse!

Look at those tippy-toes!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carrot Fingers

To be sure, there are a ton of pictures to share from this past month. But, I'm going to try and take it slow and start with our little trip to Oatman, Arizona.

Oatman is this great little town up in the mountains near my parent's house in Lake Havasu. It was a mining town and the honeymoon spot for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. What I love is that in a world where most animals are domesticated and the descendants of wild animals, the burros here are the opposite.

Anyway, on to our own Oatman story. Besides the cute town, shops and little restaurants, the big attraction are the wild burros that come down from the mountains. The first trip we took with Monkey was soon after home and I was one paranoid mama! I was convinced he'd be eaten by a donkey. Well, the worst thing that happened on that trip was that his Cissy introduced him to ice cream ... not such a bad thing, but it sure was funny! (I nearly forgot that she also tried to put him on one of the babies. The townsfolk frown on this and a few ran out shouting ... mortifying at the time, funny now.) This time I was calmer ... and he got bit!! No worries, just a little scratch and a terrified Monkey (and mama). The first donkey we'd seen was a baby and that cute little guy sucked on Monkey's fingers.

He loved it ... one of the next was an adult and Monkey had a great time passing on a carrot (you can't feed the babies carrots).

Unfortunately, Monkey remembered the cute baby and the next donkey that came up to him, he decided to forgo the carrot and just held out his hand. When Monkey held out his chubby little fingers, that donkey was convinced there was a carrot somewhere! He sure was wrong!

Now, when he's showing off his attitude, I tell him I'm going to get his carrot fingers!

The offending ass.

We did have a nice day; the weather was great! There are such fun shops and we had a nice lunch while listening to some live music - Monkey loved that! He also loved seeing all of the "bikes" (motorcycles).

One final funny story. Cissy wanted to take a picture with Monkey at this Jackass Junction sign (below). She didn't realize that it was a swinging door, though! A few things happened simultaneously. Cissy tried to get as close as possible to the door and nearly fell through when it swung backwards. At that exact moment, a donkey across the road behind me started feeling a little frisky toward one of the other donkeys. His loud declaration of amore made me nearly fall over. Cissy thought it was some kind of alarm and was trying to quickly move from the door (there, however, was a small ledge that she was trying not to fall over). The pursued donkey raced across the street right in front of me, with Don Juan right behind her. I definitely wanted to keep my family out of the middle of their courtship (and whatever direction it decided to take - good or bad), but we still got the picture! The look on Monkey's face most likely resembles mine!

I accidentally deleted my little signature, but, as always, this is The Mommy.