Tuesday, December 7, 2010

El Paso

I haven't blogged here in such a long time! Soap took over my life and then the Army really messed us up. Some day i'll share all of that, but for now i'll start from here. A U-haul truck speeding through El Paso, over the Texas border into New Mexico. We'll be in Havasu tonight or tomorrow, ready to start our new life as civilians. Crazy where a year can unexpectedly take you!

I successfully ignored what I'd miss in Texas. Family and friends. I don't thing I'd have survived without our neighbors Scotland Tasha. Oddly (though typical for Army life) we only met them in September. They helped us so much without expecting anything ... can't thank them enough! We also for very lucky that friends could move into our house. It's nice that I can be confident that my home is in good hands. But, that brings up my biggest worry: who will I do a Twilight marathon with when Breaking Dawn comes out???

We would have had a much tougher time the past six years if we hadn't been so close to my in-laws ... already missing them. One of our nieces was there when we left and she wanted to come with. Too bad we can't bring everyone.

Anyways, we're almost out of Texas. Not our favorite place but we started our life here; became parents here. I'll do my best to only keep with me the good memories.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Remember me?

What an absolutely wonderful and BUSY December and January. It was so fun to put up the Christmas tree together ... Monkey was a fantastic helper!

At the last minute we decided to pick up and drive to AZ. FUN FUN! We stopped at Cracker Barrel and found a cute little Kai-Lan doll. The trip was L O N G, but Monkey did great and we survived!

They had this amazing park with horses. We spent several mornings with my cousin, her two little ones and my aunt.

Monkey and McHottie hanging out at the park, checking out the tractors.

We also had a really great New Year's Eve with Cissy and Papa. Monkey picked out our hats and made sure we all wore them AND blew our horns as often as possible. He had such a fun time!

So, now it's getting back into a routine. McH is back to work, though next week will probably be the first week of full days. No fun and Monkey really hates daddy being gone, but we're all handling it and SO glad he's home! It's been so nice to have such a long vacation and half days at work.

Can't wait to get back to AZ ... July, here we come! My little brother is getting married ... YAY!