Friday, August 26, 2011

There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

It's funny.  We have 2 laptops and 2 desktops in this house.  My mom rarely touches the computer and while my dad reads the news, he isn't monopolizing a computer.  McH and Monkey, on the other hand, definitely log hours, and, being honest, I put in a good showing online at night.  So, why is it that I have such a hard time getting to my blog?  Mainly because 1 desktop is a dinosaur, 1 laptop is at the kiddie desk and a pain to use (when Monkey lets me near it!) and my laptop is hooked up to the tv and not conducive to blogging.  Which leaves the other desktop ... brand spanking new, but won't seem to read my SD card for pictures!  I do have my phone, which seems to use blogger pretty easily, except for my silly signature.  I think that will be going away so I can blog easily.

Anyway, the title.  I was reading over at the Secular Homeschool Forum's and one of the ladies wrote that line in her response about Waldorf schools.  It really made me think.  There are many path's to the top of the mountain.  Some are winding, some shoot straight to the top and some circle the whole, big mountain.  The really funny thing is that two people can start on the same path, yet the path will lead them in very different ways.

I'm proud that McH and I, two fairly quiet people, are really forging along our own path ... taking input from the hikers around us, but making the calls that work best for us (even when they aren't the most fun at the time).  We try to be open-minded and free-thinkers and try to pass that on to our Monkey.  Will we make mistakes or ever make it to the top?  I sure hope so!

This week has been the official "start of school" week for us.  McH went back to school (after a lot of stress) and we started the MbtP curriculum.  I am loving it and I think Monkey is as well.  It doesn't take an inordinate amount of prep on my part and it flows together very nicely.  We're also using Time4Learning and it can sometimes be a little strange, but mostly it's working for us.

One thing this week has impressed upon me is that I need to continue helping my two guys with reaching their goals, but that I also need to realize some of my own.  So, to begin that I need to write them down ... can't stick to them if you don't clearly know what they are!

1. Connect more!  Whether it be online or not, I need to make connections with people.
2.  Blog more! My goal is to develop this blog into a place where I am sharing our homeschool progress and ideas, as well as sharing the struggle to find age-appropriate resources to teach Monkey about our beliefs.
3.  Write more! I have written nothing more than blogs or scribbles in 2011.  Not good!

So, there ya have it.  I know there are some amazing people out there in the world and I just have this feeling that I'm about to meet some new folks!