Friday, August 14, 2009

A couple of icks ... a pattern?!

Just a quick one tonight. Our fallen gazebo and mommy's night time boo-boo.

I'm not sure if I mentioned our gazebo, but it went up days before McH came home and crashed days after he left. It pretty much knocked me out, but ya know, life goes on! Here are some pictures of our sad backyard.

We had a pretty decent day today and then night fell ... ha ha. My IM was up on our desktop which I rarely use and I'd forgotten to change my message alerts. Usually it only alerts me if a message is sent, which at midnight is a sure bet it's my husband. Well, I was tangled in laptop cords and half asleep when the alert went off AND I heard my bug get out of bed. By the time I made it down the bed and realized that the alert just went off when a contact came online, I was already headed to my new adornments - a Go Go AND a Dora Bandaid. I got to show Monkey that the medicine really doesn't hurt, though. I know the picture just looks bad, I won't deny that, but above the bandaids that really is a huge lump. Ugh ... we're due for some good days that end with good evenings!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, these make me cry too!

A few of the tear jerkers.

I believe Monkey was using his new line of, "good day, sir", replacing 'sir' with whoever's name. This one was "good day, daddy".

Getting ready for a big kiss.

And, there it is.

And, finishing up with a bunch of snuggles ...

And a nap. How do I love these boys.

((I am desperate to figure out how to make my signature match my blog ... ugh)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R&R #2

Papa, Nana and McH (holding Monkey). They were feeding fish, I believe.

Checking out something that was apparently pretty cool.

My boys.

My special picture ... I'm going to use this to remind my lovely husband just how difficult a 2 year old can be!!!

Trying to play with the otters ... see them in front of Monkey's right hand?

We spent a lot of time with McH's parents. Here is Monkey and one of his cousins "playing" cards!

Monkey learning how to efficiently eat oreos with milk!

McH and Papa being very cool.

Monkey trying out a Dora tube. He did fine as long as he could hold the string of my swimsuit. He's such a great little swimmer! Ignore the end of the second video where Monkey decided it was funny to smack mommy ... possibly because we were all laughing!

More to come later!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

San Antonio

We've been having a great time with McHottie home. On Thursday McH, Monkey and I took McH's parents to San Antonio for a few days. When we bought our car we never really thought much about how many passengers we could fit, but it's turned out so great that we can fit 6 people in it.

We stopped halfway there and ice cream was in order. Monkey hung out and ate his push pop while sitting on these beautiful chairs.

Post ice cream.

On Friday we went to Sea World. The day was really beautiful. It was a little cloudy which kept it from being too hot.

First stop ... DOLPHINS!!! They weren't feeding yet, but we hung out for a bit so Monkey could have his first close encounter.

Unfortunately, Papa G had the first splash encounter.

Nana G, McH and Monkey

Monkey loved the aquarium. It took him ages to look at every single fish!

We got one show in, Viva. McH and I saw it last year and it hasn't changed ... and was still fantastic. It was a lot harder with the baby, but for the most part he liked it.

At the end of the day we headed back to feed the dolphins. Check out the video ... Monkey had NO problem grabbing those fish and tossing them in. He loved it!