Sunday, November 8, 2009

Zoo day!

Fun day at the zoo! Forgive my camera. I am so bummed because it takes such crappy pictures and I've only had it a few months. I'm seriously considering going back to a camera with film.

Monkey playing with the kitty.

The great thing about this zoo is that throughout the entire thing there are different play areas for kids. This was a cool slide that went through the otter exhibit.

Another play area.

There is a new exhibit with a HUGE orangutan. It was really cool. Outside of that they had monkey ropes for the little "monkeys" to play on!

We got him to sit with the orangutan for about 2 seconds LOL

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy!

This is late! Yikes! Wasn't feeling too well today, but we still had a nice time! I couldn't find my camera until now ... in the Halloween candy bowl ...

Anyway, more pictures in the next day or two of birthday presents, Halloween and the zoo. He got a big kitchen so he can cook when mama does :) He also got a music set with a drum, maracas, and a flute. And, mommy and daddy got him a new train set. Somehow he also swung a new Dora bedset!

So, here's my big boy through the past three years! He's amazing, beautiful and it still blows my mind that we are so fortunate to be his parents!!!

One of our referral pictures. 1Dec06

Canyon of the Eagles 2November08

Chillin' at home October 08 (I'll come back and update this with a better pic!)