Saturday, February 9, 2008

Off to the park!

This first video is Mumble's new fascination ... Daddy's velcro rank! The other day McH called me from work and said, guess what, I got demoted. I nearly fell off my chair! Mumble had taken off his rank and we didn't realize it .... no rank means you're a private. Thankfully no one said anything except to tease him!!

Lots of giggles and signs in this one!

Today was absolutely beautiful, so after we got some of the things done around the house on our list (i.e. McH cleaned out the shed lol) and a long nap we headed out to the park! Of course, Mumble was thrilled to be outside. I'm looking forward to more weather like this to get him out more often. The only unfortunate thing is that where we are moving there isn't a park within walking distance.

Mumble really loves the slide and was having a MAJOR independence streak today!!! I try to play it cool, but I think underneath it all I'm just a freaked out first time mommy! lol However, you also don't see the second time around where Mumble decides to fall off the side of the steps. He was fine ... mommy and daddy had joint heart attacks!

Here's our swinging fool! WHY can't he just sit still in there for the ride?! More of the freaked out mommy! lol Poor McH!

Calling everyone with a big heart!!! lol

There is something that I would like to share with all of you. I would guess that anyone reading this not only knows me well, but also knows how much I not only love my son, but also how much I fell in love with his birth country. A good friend of mine that I met during our adoption has created an organization called Guatemalan Harvest which aims to pool resources together for the impoverished people of rural Guatemala.

Let me tell you, this country is so beautiful and filled with such amazing people. However, so many are struggling far more than we can imagine to simply get by every day. Far too many children are unable to afford school and far too many parents are forced to work for very little simply to be able to put a mud roof over their children's heads.

The first project for Guatemalan Harvest is a book drive which will help a very small school called El Tablon. Basically, you can purchase children's books for your family or (and better yet!!) you can purchase books to be donated to the school. Everything will be delivered together and there will be pictures of the children receiving their new books.

They are also working to gather donations to help the school purchase more land. It is currently a mud structure with 3 rooms for 150 students. And no, that is not a typo.

Please take a look at the Guatemalan Harvest website and see if there is a way that you can help these amazing people!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fun puzzle site for kids!

Looks like a really fun site, especially for those kiddos a bit older than mine!!