Friday, November 7, 2008


He's just so cute! This was his very first haircut!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, I don't actually pics from the wedding McH was in this past weekend, but I do have pics of us! And McH was in his Class A's and looked super hot ... to me, at least! lol

This is what we did during the wedding!

Monkey checking out Daddy's medals after the wedding.

We found this caterpillar outside of the church. We couldn't believe how big it was!

A family picture

Day at the Park

We went out to Burnett, TX last Sunday for a day at the nature park. It's a place where you can see bald eagles, though, we didn't get to see any :( Maybe in a couple of years we'll take the cruise and see some. But, we had a great day hiking on the trails and found a few armadillos!

Enjoying his lemonade

Just chillin' while mommy and daddy tried to find the park.

Canyon of the Eagles park

Looking for what else? Bugs!
An armadillo. They obviously have terrible sight!
A family pic attempt ... as you can see it didn't work out so well!
Daddy taking a picture from WAY up on a rock! Monky found a feather that he kept trying to fly with!
Daddy teaching Monkey about tree bark and what we can and can't touch.
We took a ton of pictures. I've uploaded them onto shutterfly if anyone would like to see them! Here is the link for our new shutterfly site.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two years ago ...

Two years ago the most handsome little man entered this world.

How does time move so quickly? I feel like it was just yesterday that I saw him for the first time. And then, at the same time it seems like he has always been a part of my life. Maybe in some way he has been.

Two years ago I didn't even know this sweet boy existed. Yet, he entered the world and that moment, despite not being aware of it, changed our lives.

It also makes me think of the person who may not be celebrating this day. I'm sure she thinks of him and wonders about him. Wonders if he's walking and talking. Probably wonders often if he's happy and loved. I can't imagine how she feels on this day. I can only hope that she feels peace and somehow knows just how much love has filled his life and how much love he brings to the people around him.

Referral 12/1/06
Mommy's first visit 2/21/07

Canyon of the Eagles Lake Park 11/2/08

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monkeys first TOT and a birthday celebration

We had such a fun night! Actually a fun day all around! Monday is monkey's birthday, but we decided to celebrate his birthday out at lunch today. We have a new Cracker Barrell, so we had lunch before a wedding rehearsal.

We had a card from Nani that monkey just LOVED! Especially the lion on the card. He kept growling!
Here mommy is thinking ... please get your jelly hands out of my hair!!

Mommy and Daddy also got him a new coloring book and his first set of real crayons along with a little checkers set.

We had a great day and then trick or treating time came along. Monkey was ... a ... um, monkey. He looked adorable and I'll have to add in a picture later of him just standing in his costume. My camera has been acting up lately so we've been using Ben's and it doesn't always take the best pictures. Add that to the dark and we don't have the greatest pictures, but you can still see how much fun we had! I did have to carry Monkey to the first house and explain how TOT works, but after that wonderful man placed the little bag of M&M's in his bucket, he was sold on the idea! In fact, he kept looking at us like, "why haven't we tried this whole costume = candy thing before?!"
Daddy walking Monkey up to the first house where he had to actually knock on the door (most people were sitting outside)
Checking out his bag!
This guy was great! He had a scary mask on and a few kids right before us were trying to talk each other in to going up to him. Monkey just headed right for him, though the nice guy did lift his mask. I think at that point monkey would've done about anything for candy!
A pig?! An ANGEL pig?! Too funny! McH said, "look, I think that's a pig up there" and mommy said, "babe, don't say that loud, it's probably a dog with short hair or something, you'll offend someone!" Nope, it was a super cute piggy!
Man, that was a fun street. So much different from our street!

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and lots of fun Trick or Treating if you went. We had a blast!

Coloring pages!

We're always looking for activities and lately monkey is loving to color. Here are some free pages for coloring! If clicking the picture doesn't work, click here.